Welcome to Aluglass

Aluglass Australia operates with four basic concepts: compliance and responsibility, sustainability, and shared value.

Compliance and responsibility

We believe that we have an obligation to always behave responsibly – in business and in society. We comply with international and national standards, regulations and legislation wherever we operate.

Furthermore, Aluglass Australia operates in a manner that meets or exceeds compliance with the ethical, legal, and public expectations made by society to the company. We are convinced that as a company, we have a responsibility towards the environment, employees, and local communities, utility of our products as well as conducting a fair and correct behaviour towards our customers, suppliers and competitors.


In addition to corporate responsibility and compliance, sustainability is a key concept in Aluglass Australia. The overall objective is for this generation to hand over planet earth to the next generation as a cleaner and more energising place than we inherited. Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in terms of both natural resources and social wellbeing.

In Aluglass Australia, sustainability is first and foremost related to the way we respond to the harsh climate conditions in Australia by training and assisting our customers in choosing the right products for their projects.

Shared value

To maximise value we must bring compliance, responsibility and sustainability to an even higher level, namely creating shared value. Simply stated, in order to create value for Aluglass Australia, we need to create value for the business with whom we deal with.